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Sahara Attestation Services is one of the well experienced & knowledgeable attestation process companies in UAE with two decades of great experience in the field of certificate attestation from various part of the world like, Asia, middle east, Africa and Europe etc…. Our attestation service is one of the best leading authentication and legalization service providers in UAE for UAE embassy and foreign affairs attestation service. Our attestation and apostille service key features and benefits is:

  • Free pickup and delivery at your door all over UAE
  • Hassle free documents and helping to collect all related papers
  • We do all country attestation without your presence
  • Genuine attestation, reliable service and excellent database
  • Well experienced professional team taking care of document attestation
  • Global attestation service locally in UAE at cheap price and superior quality
  • Complete range of legalization under one roof regardless what you are looking for just a call away we reach to your doorstep

Our Services

Marriage certificate attestation

The attestation of Marriage certificate is a legal confirmation that two people are tying up knot each other. A valid marriage certificate recorded and issued by a government or public departments...

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Birth Certificate attestation

Birth certificate attestation is obligatory to get the resident visa in UAE for family or their kids and it is fairly standard process too. So all country birth certificates should be authenticated...

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Degree certificate attestation

University degree certificates should be attested from issued country first and then it has to come UAE for MOFA attestation to complete the process. Further we help you out to get your degree...

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Diploma certificate attestation

Diploma certificate attestation is one of the easy ways to get it done various part of the world. Regardless what types of diploma you are holding may private diploma or government approved...

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UAE embassy Attestation

The UAE Embassy provides all types documents attestation services in each every country where embassy available. The basic principle of this practice is to validate and verify of stamp and...

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Ministry of foreign affairs

We are UAE leading Document Legalization Company provides total range of UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation services for all types of degree and personal documents...

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Ireland documents attestation

The United Arab Emirates require the documents which already been issued in Ireland to be attested before they are ready to use in the UAE or else the government official in UAE...

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German documents attestation

The German Documents attestation process is bit time taking attestation task in UAE to collect all related and required stamping. We at sahara attestation service provider offer all...

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Australia documents attestation

If you are looking for Australian documents attestation or Apostille in UAE, you can lay your trust with sahara attestation company in dubai. We have two decades of excellent service...

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South African documents attestation

South African certificate attestation in Dubai is required for many government official requirements. We are a legal South African certificate attestation and legalization service provider,...

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Singapore documents attestation

All Singapore issued documents whether it educational or non educational documents which should presented to the UAE Embassy’s Consulate Section for Legalization and further it must be ...

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New Zealand documents attestation

It’s easy, simple but need to approach various government officials to get New Zealand documents from New Zealand as well as United Arab Emirates. We make your New Zealand documents ...

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Indian documents attestation

The Indian documents Attestation is mandatory in UAE for visa applying in UAE for any other country migration purposes. Regardless what types of documents you carry, whether it is...

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UK documents attestation

The all UK issued documents are basically needs to be authenticated from various government official to use in UAE. The documents which been issued in the UK to be attested before its...

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USA Certificate attestation

USA documents attestation can be done by yourself or you can of course any legal agency who takes all process without your presence like us. We are a legal US certificate attestation...

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France documents attestation

If you are planning to get UAE resident visa or family statues, University study etc.. then you must attest all related France documents attestation. Whether it’s a France birth...

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Italy documents attestation

Italy document attestation is one of the essential legalization processes in UAE to use documents in all government officials. Italy is a member of Hague Convention. Therefore, it has...

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China documents attestation

Chinese documents Attestation Services in UAE is required for many government official needs like visa, college admission etc.. We accept all types of china issued documents...

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We manage to get all major country attestation and apostille services from around the world and offer service locally in UAE within your budget and in more convenient way. Our international attestation services countries include the documents such as:

  • Indian documents attestation
  • UK documents attestation
  • USA certificate attestation
  • France documents attestation
  • Italy documents attestation
  • China documents attestation
  • Pakistan documents attestation
  • Netherland documents attestation
  • Canada documents attestation
  • Philippines documents attestation etc…
  • Japan documents attestation
  • Ireland documents attestation
  • German  documents attestation
  • Australia documents attestation
  • South African documents attestation
  • Singapore documents attestation
  • New Zealand documents attestation
  • Brazil documents attestation
  • Srilanka documents attestation
  • Indonesia documents attestation
  • Egypt documents attestation
  • Malaysia documents attestation
  • Scotland documents attestation
  • Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, KSA, Kuwait UAE embassy attestation

We at sahara attestation manage to get all your attestation needs in UAE with educational and non educational certificates. We never fail to give utmost importance to our client's needs and satisfaction. Our outstanding value-added services and global network of partners give us an edge over our competitors by offering sustainable services too. Our attestation services include the documents like:

  • Board Certificates
  • Degree Certificates
  • Diploma Certificates
  • Provisional Certificates
  • Mark Sheets
  • Private Diploma
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • Medical Reports
  • Police Clearances
  • Legal Heir ships
  • Divorce papers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Company Documents
  • Justice Department (Dubai)
  • Transfer Certificates
  • Commercial invoice
  • Legal translation for all major languages

Our Blog

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What does it mean attestation or legalization is process that we use to submit documents in UAE for various purpose like visa, job or further university study etc… lets explain a brief details on attestation or authentication of documents. Regardless what type of documents you hold may be educational or non educational however, educational documents which comes from school, university etc.. And non educational means which personal documents like marriage, birth certificates etc…

All types of educational and non educational Legalization as it is commonly known in the UAE. The certificates you carry it has to be original for further submission in government portal or department and they should recognize its validity too. Basically attestation is by definition one of the legal ways to prove that holding documents or certificates genuine or issued from right place and real one not fake

Documents attestation purpose in UAE is:

  • To get family status in UAE
  • To join university for further study
  • School admission in UAE
  • High designation job vacancy
  • Labor card or emigration requirements in UAE
  • Migration and visa processing
  • Other business or commercial needs…

The basic concept of attestation as it was established with a motto of assisting the citizen locals and expats who comes from outside country to UAE for study, job or any other business purposes,  those are facing complexity to get it done attestation process to use them for their various needs in UAE. So we hereby complete all attestation process even without presence and no headache. We comple all attestation and legalization process such as:

  • Notary public solicitor attestation
  • Home department attestation
  • Ministry of external affairs attestation
  • Commonwealth attestation
  • GAD and GRD attestation
  • UAE embassy attestation
  • Consulate attestation
  • Economic, DED and municipality attestation
  • Ministry of educational attestation
  • University verification
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE
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